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Competitively priced at €7,500  inc VAT for the single scull  delivered in UK,  with boat bag and rigger bag  and the double scull is priced at €12,500  


Full colour choice included,  within the standard price  

Since the start in 1978 Nelo has produced more than 30,000 boats, with a vast variety in models, constructions and technology.



Now all our boat classes  are designed  by Nelo design teams, with the help of professional personnel and techniques. The help of our naval engineer and of our research & development engineer as well as a big investment in prototyping machinery has proved effective, making the self-design and conception very rewarding.

The Olympic medal count in kayaking  has gradually increased from four at Sydney 2000 to twenty seven  at Rio 2016


It is this experience and methodology that has enabled us to become the dominant World  brand in the Kayak and Canoe world and we are excited to have brought this approach and continued development in hull shape to the world of rowing.  

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