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Chez Boileau. 


Nelo applied their deep understanding of carbon sporting shells to developing a new breed of sculling boat which fitted in exactly with what we were looking for. These boats are stable, highly responsive and fun to scull. Being slightly shorter than most other top-end boats, they make you immediately conscious of timing and pressure discrepancies which you might not be aware of in other boats. These characteristics make them great for training, learning and racing.

We have six new Nelo singles: two for 60kg scullers, two for 75kg scullers and two 90kg crews and one 75kg double.

  • Safe journey. Bergerac is less than 9 hours drive from Calais, so it can be reached from England in a day without leaving your car. Close to Bergerac airport with good links to UK.

  • Great location. Chez Boileau is in a beautiful riverside setting with large garden and direct private access to the water.

  • Ideal conditions. The Dordogne is flat and calm for much of the year – perfect for practice sculling and serious training.

  • A good place to learn. In house Yoga studio, classroom with video analysis facilities and RP3 machines.

  • The right boat. Collection of sculling singles, old and new, suitable for rowers of any age, size or skill level.

  • Motor launch. High quality catamaran launch suitable for coaching, safety, photography & video work.

  • Privacy. Exclusive use of all facilities, with optional coaching and catering support available, puts you in control of your surroundings.

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