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Many rowers are currently asked to row with poorly fitting shoes. Bont QRS is a solution that allows a quick, easy and safe change of shoes within a minute . This includes the heel restraints using an adjustable dyneema cord . Made from high quality components and FISA approved . Ideal for squad use and boats with multiple crews with different foot sizes. 

  • Easy to use: Twist and Row operation.

  • Retail at £32.28 a pair 

  • See our twin web site to purchase 

  • 316 marine grade stainless steel fittings.

  • Optional Angle Wedge; 3.5-degree toe lift.

  • Compatible with all Bont Rowing shoes and standard four hole drilled shoes.

  • Durable and lightweight carbon composite construction with Titanium base and shoe plates.

  • Included heel height blocks to cater for flexibility and ankle mobility; 3mm, 7mm and 11mm effective heel lift sold separately.

  • Lightweight construction (Drive QRS+, 227g complete including heel set and angle wedge).


Bont QRS is the best way to change shoes between athletes  It's easy and they provide a value solution.

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